a sunspot and an earthquake --  the relation between it and a tide

We who live in Miyagi Prefecture experienced many huge earthquakes.
I of an amateur radio house have noticed that communication of a short distance got worse before this earthquake.
I investigated and looked at the earthquake for the number 100 years of the past.

I have noticed the following thing.
One has noticed the altitude which the ionosphere reflects that activity of the ionosphere important at shortwave communication is weak in front of a big earthquake, that it is the occurrence of an earthquake at the time of small tide, and becoming low.
Then, when the number of sunspots decreased before the small chance, it came to be sure that a big earthquake occurs.
Although the cycles of 11 years are known well, the big cycle called 100 years and 200 years also understands a certain thing for sunspot activity.
Since it is the 24th term and sunspot activity has become the minimum period also with the long cycle now, after observing a sunspot cycle
From now on, the occurrence probability of a massive earthquake will be very high.
If small tide overlaps with the fall of the rapid number of sunspots especially, danger will reach the highest.

The present number of sunspots --
- Renewal of every day

Sunspot relative number

In addition, detailed numerical values are the following Japanese pages.





The date which requires watch for a massive earthquake
Middle tide
Small tide
A sunspot total decreases rapidly and ten especially or less are dangerous.
A ionogram is required for pinpointing of a generating place.
Sunspots are the cycles of 27 days about.
A blue character is the graph of the first half.
A red character is the graph of this term.
Although a possibility that an earthquake will occur is known in my observation, pinpointing of a
place cannot be performed though regrettable.
However, it also turns out that the possibility of the occurrence of the area of reflection of low
frequency of an earthquake becomes high by observation of the ionosphere.
This is data with which the amateur radio house is most concerned.
In Japan, reflection of the ionosphere is observed by four places.
It They are Okinawa, Kyushu, Tokyo, and Hokkaido.
It is called a ionogram.

2015/12/02 Earthquake forecast
Today The sunspot total became seven pieces and grew into the very dangerous situation.
simultaneously ruined -- since like Care sufficient at the time of going out!! Inside of an earthquake alarm it is .
Dangerous cycle It is from December 02 to the 5th (Saturday).